The Derelicts Life of Strife CD

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Digital Warfare Records announces new album by seminal Seattle pre-grunge punk band the Derelicts. The album titled, Life of Strife, will be available as CD and LP on Friday, June 7th, 2019. 

The Derelicts deliver punk fueled with alcohol and hate reminiscent of the Dead Boys, G.B.H., Dwarves, Zeke, and the Supersuckers. According to the label "this is the Derelicts first release in 25 years. The band is a solid unit cranking out some of the best punk since the '80s. This album has five new songs and a sprinkling of the best songs from past 7” releases. It is fierce and in your face." 

Life of Strife was produced by Jack Endino at Soundhouse in 2018. The fifteen tracks on the album are: 1. "Life Of Strife," 2. "Wrong With This, 3. "Fight," 4. "I Walk Alone," 5. "Boxed In," 6. "Makes Me Sick," 7. "Mr. Fuckerman," 8. "Save Your Lies," 9. "You Loose," 10. "Don’t Wanna Live," 11. "Fuck You," 12. "Why Does It Gurt," 13. "Bleed Me Out," 14. "Final Fall," and 15 "Assholes Unite."